1964 - 69 University teacher at the musicacademy "Gh.Dima" Klausenburg (Cluj/Romania).
1969 - 72 University teacher at "Robert-Schumann-Institut" Düsseldorf, Germany.
Since 1972 teaching at the Münchner Musikhochschule , Munich/Germany.
Since 1976 Professor for composition
'Hochschule für Musik und Theater', Munich/Germany

1985  first german guest-professor at the Music Academy Peking/China.

A passed entrance examination  ( take a look at the entrance conditions  on                                                    on theofficialwebsite )                                                                 


is presupposition to be part of the class, as well for basic studies,
als for the masterclass.
Regular time to study is 8 semesters.
Further studies (continuation studies or masterclass) is possible as well.
Education is in composition,
counterpoint, instrumentation and analysis.
There are steady first performances of the class.
(Chamber music and concerts for orchestra).


Students in Acker's class :
Tobias Vogt (München) , Wolfgang Gangkofner (Eggenfelden) , Mark Pogolski
Ferran und Oriol Cruixent i Gallart (Barcelona) , Peter Gabor Mezei
(Budapest) ,
Dmitrij Romanov (Moskau) , Tobias Rottmann , Christian Eberl , Laurentiu
Beldean (Bukarest)